ATOMIC Maverick 88 TI (2022)

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The brand new Atomic Maverick 88 Ti is a true all-mountain carver. Built with the least amount of rocker, compared to the other Mavericks in the collection, and two sheets of thin metal around a poplar core, it effortlessly blends edge grip, maneuverability, power, and energy. Nimble yet strong, the Maverick 88 Ti can hang across the frontside of any mountain anywhere. But it was specifically designed with North American skiing and terrain in mind. What does that mean? Well, Atomic says Maverick skis feature the perfect blend of carving and freeride performance, and while that is a lofty claim, we aren't going to disagree. Skiers in North America want nothing less than exceptional versatility as they explore off-piste areas and lay trenches or zipper bumps back to the lift. The Maverick 88 Ti will appeal most to the guys who do more of the latter, but it's got enough rocker and taper to be a fun option in tree alleys and back bowls, too, if you prefer narrower skis. In a crowded category of all-mountain skis at 88mm underfoot, the Maverick 88 Ti immediately jumps toward the top.