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Customer Testimonials


1/16/2018 from Sam M., NJ (Yelp)

"I came in to get some new ski boots and Joe helped me find the perfect pair! He spent about an hour and a half making sure my boots were perfect before I skied them for the first time. Not only is he knowledgeable about the boots but he also knows his stuff about the skis. This was by far the best boot fitting I've ever had and I highly recommend going to him for a boot fitting."


 1/10/2018 Jacob S. (Google)
"Whenever I have a bike problem these guys are the first place I go to they have very reasonable prices and often have whatever I'm looking for."


12/23/2017 TheGreat elChubbo (Google)
"I just wanted to take a second to give these guys props for their awesome customer service. I went in yesterday, two days before christmas, looking for a specific thing. I was on complete autopilot and had it pulled up on my phone on the website. The nicest dude I'd talked to all week asked if I needed help. He seemed a little confused by my request but went out of his way to walk me around the store and explain my situation to a couple of his coworkers. We were all puzzling over this item that they didn't think really belonged in their store when suddenly, one of them realIzes I have REI's site pulled up on my phone, not theirs. In my Christmas autopilot misery, I thought that I had in fact driven to and was standing in an REI. Nope. They were so gracious and awesome about the whole thing. So no, I did not end up buying anything there, but even after they figured that out they were the nicest frign people I had encountered that day. 10/10 will go back when I have the opportunity to purchase something for real this time."

9/2017 Bill E. (Google)

"Rocky and Jeremy have fitted me for cleats, and yesterday Jeremy changed my flat on the MS ride in no time flat. I had my wheel, off, new tube in the tire, sweat pouring into my eyes... Jeremy came over, I wiped my eyes clear and the bike was ready to go."


9/18/2017 from Kim C., NV (Yelp)

"I can't say enough about the customer service at this shop.  I arrived in Philly with a plan to get my bike put together for the IMAC event and Margaret, Pat and Stanley took care of me pronto.  We had a miscue on the appointment schedule, but under the time constraint with my race, they took care of me right away. Stanley did an amazing job building my bike back better than it was before.  You guys rock!!! Thank you very much!"


8/15/2017 from Melissa A., NJ (Yelp)

"The salesman Steve was beyond fantastic! He helped me with my first pair of spin shoes. He was knowledgeable, kind and patient. It was the best sales experience I've heard in ages."


1/17/2017 Justin T. (Google)
"Top notch customer service. Read all the great reviews and decide to stop by to look for a pair of ski boots to buy. This was hands down the best customer service experience I've ever had. I can't say enough - the sales associates were down to earth, extremely knowledgeable, easy to talk to, etc. There was no "pushiness" at all. They certainly won over a customer for life today. Thank you D&Q for the brand you've obviously worked hard to build."


1/2017 Kevin H. (Google)
"Best ski shop I've ever been to. Tony & Steve were the most knowledgeable ski boot salesmen I've ever dealt with. Didn't even end up buying anything and it wasn't one of the awkward salesmen/customer stand offs that everyone tries to avoid. I was there during a lunch break and they got me through 6 different boots and explaining their logic/selections the entire way. I was offered a beverage as I was trying boots on as well. Their witty banter was absolutely hilarious, made me want to quit my job and apply. Thanks again for all the help guys!"


1/2017 Alex S. (Google)
"At the recommendation of some friends, I decided to go to a professional ski boot fitter and purchase, instead of just renting from the mountain. D&Q is pretty close to me, so I went there, and couldn't have been more satisfied. The prices were good, great deals on last years models so I ended up buying skis too instead of just boots. I was personally handled by a boot fitter who spent significant time with me getting my boots exactly moulded to my feet. The end result was fantastic. There was a huge difference between how I felt the next day, and my girlfriend who was on rental boots. She had sores, and shin bruises because the boots couldn't have fit worse. Mine fit like a glove and I was comfortable all day (and warm). If everyone only knew the value of an experienced boot fitter, I would bet more people would stick with skiing. The ski's were also awesome. Cant thank D&Q enough for the set up."


1/2017 Dan A. (Google)
"Bought a bike online, sight unseen. They were very easy to work with and packaged the bike excellently to be shipped. Thanks!"


6/18/16 from Stephen P., NJ  (Google+)
"This is a great place to go to the customer service is fast and reliable l got a trek bike from your store bike is great service is great sale person was great explained everything to me about the bike thank you for a great experience "


5/14/16 from Penny R., NJ  (Yelp)
"The employees an D&Q are the best. Jeremy sold me my last 2 bikes. He is very helpful and informative. Dave helped me during my last visit, he was great. He installed pedal extenders and a new new bike seat that I purchased online and didn't even charge me. Jeremy and Dave are the only 2 employees that I know by name but all of the people at D&Q are very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful every time I go there. I would absolutely recommend everyone to go there for all of there cycling needs"


9/3/15 from Jenny M., NJ  (Yelp)
"Danzeisen & Quigley is the go to swim shop for the Cherry Hill area. The staff here is very helpful- which is great for first time swimmers or growing kids who are not sure of their suit size. All of the local swim clubs order their team suits through D&Q, D&Q has them displayed along the wall and has plenty of those suits in stock. They occasionally run sales where you can get discounted suits, and they always have a clearance rack. In addition to suits they sell everything else you could need; drag shorts, goggles, fins, kick boards, caps, etc. They also sell a bunch of other products in addition to swimming gear. They have a huge bike section- mountain bikes, road bikes, beach cruisers, etc. They also have a ski/snow board section as well as a few other outdoorsy things- sun glasses, shoes, and so on. Again, they run occasional sales on all of these items- so be on the look out for a good deal! Unlike big box sport stores, D&Q has a friendly neighborhood feel and can offer things that a Dick's or Sports Authority typically wont. Such as bike repair, ski rents, and even meet and greets with famous athletes."


10/7/14 from Kathleen G., CA  (on-line)
"Thank you so much for you help and I will check out your sale. Awesome customer service!!"


12/8/14 from Allie A. (Yelp)
"My brother in law is a biking fanatic so I wandered in here. It's pretty much Bike Department Central! Although I didn't really find anything I could buy for him, I thought the layout of the store was well done and staff quickly answered my questions. There seemed to be a lot of options for gear as well, from well, gloves to bikes themselves! This place has been around for a long time, so they must be doing something right."


9/22/14 from Joe B. (in-store)
"About a month ago, I purchased my first road bike from your store. Jeremy was the associate that helped me. He was great! Jeremy was knowledgeable and answered all my questions. He made the experience easy and enjoyable. Based on my experience, I have been back to buy accessories and purchase swim gear. I wanted to pass this along."


8/26/14 from Michelle P. (Yelp)
"My husband and I recently had an OK bike purchasing experience at Danzeisen & Quigley. We actually ended up at D&Q after test riding a particular bike at another shop and running into availability issues when we went to order it. When we spoke with the manufacture, they suggested called D&Q since they knew our bike had been in stock there at one point. Luckily they had the bike we were searching for and were able to put it on hold for us. Although we knew exactly what size and model we wanted, I did find it a lot odd that one of their employees was trying to talk me into a different size over the phone. Within a few days of having the bike put on hold, we went into the store to purchase it and pick it up. My husband called earlier in the afternoon and let them know we'd be coming later that evening. The bike wasn't ready when we came in and still had to be checked that it was good to go. I didn't realize that they only did fittings by appointment and never on event pick up days, so we weren't able to get it fitted. That didn't matter because we were heading back to the first shop to handle fittings and accessories, but I would have been kind of ticked otherwise. All of the employees were encountered the day of the pickup super friendly and answered all of our questions not related to our new bike, such as info about a duathlon and how to sell a brand new bike. D&Q was out of our way and our overall experience wasn't standout, but bottom line was that we were able to find a bike that was on a hard-to-find list."


7/3/14 from Michele L. (in-store)
"We just purchased a bike for our daughter Celeste. Jeremy assisted us. It was a great experience. He was very kind to our daughter and answered all of our questions. Jeremy also graciously drove the bike to our home for us. His customer service was outstanding. Thank you."


6/2/14 from Christa V. (in-store)
"I want to formally thank Michele for her help this evening. I came in for some advice on the fitting of the team swim suits for my two little girls (age 5 & 8). We are new to swim and Michele was so pleasant and knowledgeable. She was great with my girls and I know this because when we arrived home they promptly told their father about how to properly fit goggles, how to care for them, and most important "to have fun!" Thank you to Michele for taking the time to really spoon feed me and get my girls excited to swim!"


2/16/14 from Albert W. (in-store)
"I am writing to acknowledge the exceptional experience my son and I had today (2-16) in the service department. My son had an issue with a broken clip on one of his bindings. Two technicians assisted with figuring out the problem and ultimately found an identical clip which they used to repair the binding. Appreciate the excellent service every time. Thank you!"


2/15/14 from Albert W. (Yelp)
"I don't normally write reviews (good or bad), but after the tremendous customer service I received yesterday, I think it should be noted for others to see. I simply just went to get tuned up at Danzeisen & Quigley yesterday. The norm is to drop off, and then pick it back up then next day or so. Employees were immediately greeting and attentative. Once the workers saw my address, one asked "Want me to take care of that right now to save you the bridge toll? It will be about 10 minutes." Absolutely! I had to shop for a helmet anyway...which stupidly I have never owned (even after amnesia.) I had done my research and had tons of annoying questions...which apparently were not annoying at all to the guy helping me. Then, another employee heard me talking about T snowboarding and handed me a coupon to Bear Creek Mountain. Never been there, knew about their kids program, or how close it was. I was overwhelmed with the way they treated someone off the street...the way people are supposed to treat people. They are to be commended. I will be back. I will tell others."


5/28/13 from Joen S., CA (on-line)
"Hi D&Q crew,
I will definitely come back.
Your service and quick response to my question is remarkable. Unlike some shops that don't answer quickly and when they do, they go around the bush.
Thanks so much"


5/15/13 from Eric S., IL  (on-line)

 "Awesome, thanks for the note.  Appreciate you guys getting back to me.  This week I've been dealing with several different companies online and it's a nice change of pace to get a personalized note with good information."


2/4/13 from Richard R., NJ (Yelp)

"I have been a D&Q customer since my father first started me skiing around 8 or 9 years old. I have watched their business grow and expand and change. One thing that has always remained constant at D&Q is the quality of their service and their knowledgeable staff. I mostly use D&Q for bicycle purchases now as I no longer ski, and their selection of cycling equipment is second to none in the area. They also of course have a great selection of ski equipment and clothing and also swimwear in the summer. D&Q runs several great sales and also has swap meets for used equipment on both skis and bikes. Everyone there is always pleasant and they go above and beyond."


12/20/12 from Jenny J., CA  (Yelp)

"I ordered a pair of Burton Lexa bindings from D&Q online, but before I placed the order, I called into the store to ask some questions. A man named John was so incredibly friendly and helpful and took the time to talk about some boards with me. He gave very useful information about different cambers and shared the feedback he received from previous customers who tried the newer hybrid and rocker profiles. It really helped me narrow my search. I placed my order on a Friday and according to UPS it is on a vehicle in my town in California about to be delivered today (Thursday). Super fast free shipping and people on the other end who are actually knowledgeable and accessible to talk to! Highly recommend!"


12/19/12 from Eric L., PA (on-line)

"You guys are awesome!"


9/10/12 from Elizabeth M., NY (on-line)
"Just wanted to say thank you for my order.  You guys have the best customer service, and the shipping was so fast!  I appreciate the correspondence emails regarding my order.  Thank you very much!"


8/30/12 from Tom V., NC (on-line)
I received this order yesterday and everything with the order is fine.Thanks again for a good customer experience. I hope to do business with you in the future.
Regards, Tom"


8/7/12 from Mark R. (in-store)

"I would like to thank Mr. Danzeisen, Jeremy, and Joe Vitale for there help in choosing and fitting my new bike. The Mechanic, Steve was also very helpful the other day, as are all the sales staff and mechanics. Please pass this message on to them. Your service is phenomenal. "


8/1/12 from Sherrill B. (in-store)

"I purchased my Fuji with the help of Jerry in your bike dept less than a year ago. Every time I go in your store for bike accessories, etc., he always goes above and beyond in customer service. He keeps me coming back!"


6/20/12 from Melissa V. (in-store)

"Hi there,

I wanted to make sure I share with you how much Jeremy has impacted our D&Q experience. His expertise, willingness to help, honesty, and professionalism have created a loyalty that any business owner would die to have.

As a business owner myself, I recognize the value of employees who represent my brand in a way that makes me proud. Jeremy has done that for you.

Today we purchased our second bike from D&Q because of Jeremy. He made the process easy, fun, and exciting. Jeremy has, for the second time, made a somewhat daunting process one of our best days.

We tell everyone we know about the experiences we have at D&Q, and send them your way, specifically because of the personalized experiences we have had.

While we certainly make Jeremy aware of how much we love working with him, I feel it's important to let the store know as well. Keep that guy!



5/26/12 from Penny R. (in-store)

"Picked up my bike last night. Whoever did the tune up did a fantastic job. Bike looks and feels like new. I've been sending my friends and family to your store for years and I will gladly continue. There is a bike shop just 2 blocks from my house but I happily drive 25 minutes to D and Q for the friendly and professional service. My last name is Rxxxxxx, please let the technician that serviced my bike what a wonderful job he did. Thanks."


5/15/12 from Greg E.  (in-store)

"I'd like to give some long overdue credit to your bicycle staff as whole, especially Jeramie and Joe. Over the years Jeramie has really gone out of his way to ensure I was taken care of. The same can be said for Joe. thinking back I should have sent the above more than a few times over the years."


5/4/12 from Eric E.  (in-store)

"Just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know that I recently bought my first road bike from your store and had a great experience. Your salesman Jeremy was beyond helpful with this process, from showing me all of my options for my price range to even giving me a tutorial on how to change a flat. He answered all of my questions, provided me with an incredible customer experience, and I love my new Trek 2.1! Thanks again and I will be back soon for adjustments and to purchase more gear."