Tuning and Repair Pricing

Ski/Snowboard Tuning and Repair Prices:
  • Sharpen and Wax:          $25
  • Sharpen, wax, and grind:     $45
  • Minor base repair, sharpen, grind, and wax:       $55
  • Major base repair (Bring ski/snowboard for examination and pricing)


Ski Binding Adjustment and Function Testing

  • Used Flat/System Skis and boots set up for that binding - No Drilling:
  • Alone: $35
  • With purchase of sharpen,wax, grind, and/or base work): Above price plus $10
  • Used flat skis, bindings, and boots - Drilling Required:      $50


Ski Binding Mounting Prices:

(Includes binding adjustment and function test)

  • Install/Adjust: skis and bindings purchased from D+Q:     No Charge
  • Install or Remount and Adjust  - Your used skis (w/bindings and/or boots purchased from D+Q):     $35
  • Install/Adjust: Your New System skis/bindings (New boots from D+Q):     $35
  • Install/Adjust: Your New System skis/bindings/boots (No D+Q purchase):     $50
  • Install/Adjust: Your New Flat Skis (Bindings and/or Boots from D+Q - Drilling Needed: $50
  • Install/Adjust: Your Flat Skis (Nothing purchased from D+Q - Drilling Required):     $95


Ski Boot Repair and Adjustment Prices:

  • Boots Purchased from D+Q (One year from date of purchase):      No Charge
  • Boots not purchased from D+Q or beyond one year from purchase: $60/hr. (Billed in quarter hour increments)
  • Appointments are always recommended for ski boot repair/adjustments