ActionHeat 5V Heated Socks - Wool

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Feet are harder to keep warm and Action heat has created the 5 V Heated Wool Ski Socks so you can take on any adventure with toasty toes. This powerful sock is crafted with a blend of 50% Wool, 48.5% Cotton and 1.5% Lycra for ultimate next-to-skin softness. The power bank batteries are stowed away inside the cuff of each sock and plug into the stored USB cable. To utilize the heating elements, simply press the cuff button controller for 3 seconds. Press the button again to adjust to one of the three temperature settings and it's that easy, the lower the heat setting, the longer the battery will last and vice versa. Whether your toes are tucked into your ski boots or trail runners, the 5V Heated Wool Ski Socks will ensure ultimate warmth!

  • 50% Wool, 48.5% Cotton and 1.5% Lycra
  • Built-In Heating Panels Above Toes
  • Power Bank Pockets Located on Top Cuffs of Each Sock
  • 5-Volt Batteries w/1-Amp Power Systems
  • FAR Infrared Heating and ActionWave Heat Reflective Technology
  • 4 LED Power Indicators Display Power Banks Battery Life
  • High (Red): 150F - 2+ Hours Estimated Heating Time
  • Medium (White): 130F - 3+ Hours Estimated Heating Time
  • Low (Blue): 110F - 4.5+ Hours Estimated Heating Time