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Dragon X1 Echo/Transition Amber

  • Regular price $270.00

A scaled-down version of its big brother, the X1s features unmatched peripheral vision due to our patented Frameless Design and premium injection molded spherical lens. The X1s offers premium performance features, seamless helmet integration, and our expanded line of Lumalens® color optimized lenses. Throw in our stronger Super Anti-Fog coating, armored venting and 100% UV Protection and you’ve got one heck of a goggle.

•	FRAME: Echo
•	LENS: Transition Amber
•	Patented Frameless Technology
•	Optically Correct Injection Molded Spherical Lens
•	200% Stronger Super Anti Fog Coating
•	Expanded Lumalens® color optimized lens lineup
•	Transitions® lenses available
•	Armored Venting
•	100% UV Protection
•	Triple-Layer Face Foam with Hypoallergenic Micro Fleece Lining
•	Silicone Strap Backing
•	Helmet Compatible
•	Lumalens Optimized Color Technology
•	Newly expanded, Lumalens® color optimized lens technology offers crystal clear visibility across the entire spectrum of light conditions. Lumalens® is engineered to deliver enhanced contrast and clarity, enhanced depth perception, all while reducing eye fatigue. By filtering out harmful lightwaves attributed to haze, while letting in light that intensifies color recognition, Lumalens® achieves a new standard in lens performance.
•	Lumalens is a color optimized lens technology offering ultra high-definition optics across the entire spectrum of light conditions. Engineered to optimize and improve visibility in all environments, Dragon’s exclusive Lumalens Technology delivers enhanced color vividness, increased contrast and precise depth perception. By filtering out light attributed to haze and glare while letting in light that intensifies clarity and contrast, Lumalens achieves a new standard in lens performance.