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Elan Zest Light Shift Women’s System Skis 2018

  • $399.95
  • Regular price $500.00

The ultimate in comfort, predictability and ease, the Zest women’s ski inspires confidence as the perfect ski to take your skiing experience to the next level. Ready to get hooked on skiing? (ID ACJCQN17)

Skiing Level – Intermediate to Advanced
Terrain – Groomed to Variable

Elan wants to make progress in skiing easy, fun and effective, and the Zest is the right choice for women who already made their turns on skis and are ready to rock the slopes. The Zest is the stylish option for improving your skiing skills, and is especially helpful when you need to do the transition from sliding to carving. With skiers that are advancing to the next level, it’s all about comfort and easy turn initiation, so we used a Parabolic Rocker profile for the Zest that makes turning ultra-simple, while WaveFlex technology will keep skis stable at higher speeds. Add to this the Full Power Cap construction for low weight and you’re ready to go! A versatile, forgiving and easy to handle ski, the Zest will be your next best friend on the slopes.

WaveFlex™ is Elan’s unique waved profile on the top of the ski that provides smooth longitudinal flex for easy turning and torsional stability for enhanced edge grip. Never before has a ski design allowed the combination of these two characteristics together in a single ski.

This unique profile combines a generous amount of sidecut with the Early Rise Rocker profile. The result is easy turn initiation with less effort. Add to that the Front Side Stabilizer which absorbs vibrations, enhances edge hold and provides superior control. 

Light Shift is a free flex plate-in-plate design that maximises performance with less energy input and at an incredible light weight. Its lean profile is constructed with lightweight composites and vibration absorbing materials to ensure a smooth and direct transfer of energy to optimize precision and performance. 

Full Power Cap is a traditional cap construction that is light, easy to turn and forgiving

The Supralite Core is an advanced ultra-light composite creating a lighter weight ski and optimizing flex distribution.