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Rossignol Pursuit 200 CA Unisex Skis 2019

  • $399.95
  • Regular price $500.00

The new Rossignol Pursuit 200 Carbon makes a great ski for that true beginner or growing teenager looking to learn how to carve a proper turn. New this season to Rossi's frontside skis is their Prop Tech, which allows the torsional flex of the ski adapt to the changes in terrain for more responsiveness and edge hold, even at mellow speeds for a beginner. The Prop Tip pulls heavier material away from the tip of the ski to lower the swingweight for easier maneuvering. Power Turn Rocker has a slight amount of rocker in the tip for quick turn initiation. A long time standard in Rossignol's carvers is the Oversized Sidecut that delivers full-on edge hold for improved control, even when things get a little icy or firm.

    Prop Tip
    Prop Tech
    Oversized Sidecut
    Power Turn Rocker