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The Tecnica Mach Sport 100 MV makes a great ski boot for the strong intermediate to advanced skier who has a medium width forefoot and medium to wide shaft of the leg. The Adjusting Top Cuff Ratchet allows for you to find the perfect fit on the top buckle, and can be very accommodating for skiers with a larger calf. The CAS (Custom Adaptive Shape) Shell is one of the best and easiest shells for a bootfitter to customize. Dimples on the shell provide an accurate road map in key fit zones for the bootfitter to shape and stretch if needed for your foot. The Sport NFS (Natural Foot Stance) Liner has a natural shape to it, with the toes slightly abducted outwards, the way you would naturally stand to improve in comfort and energy transmission to your skis. A 45mm Powerstrap helps keep the cuff of the boot securely cinched up across your shin and adds extra rebound to each turn. Tecnica's LiftLock Buckles are very convenient by staying open when you lift them to slip on your boots. If you want a sturdy boot, with a medium width that gives you the option for simple customization, the Tecnica Mach Sport 100 MV is a perfect choice.

  • Best Fits a Medium Width Forefoot and Medium to Large Calf Volume
  • CAS Shell
  • Sport NFS Liner
  • Adjusting Top Cuff Ratchet
  • 45mm Powerstrap
  • LifLock Buckles